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Distribution Solution

At the present time, supply chain management is an essential function of most businesses.  There are many challenges in managing the supply chain function. The greatest challenge faced by businesses in a supply change management process is managing their inventory.

Production Solution

In the production environment (Plant), SKUs are mostly made-to-order and hence customer tolerance time is higher. In such an environment there are multiple orders from multiple customers and the greatest challenge faced is to meet the due date.

Project Solution

A Projects environment is full of uncertainties and poses the following challenges: Inability to create deterministic schedules, Prevalence of multi-tasking of resources and Excess Buffers. All of the above led to increase in the elapsed time of tasks and the projects thereby resulting in waste of time and resource capacity.

Sales Process Engineering Solution

In conventional sales process, customers expect the salesperson to be involved in the sales process end to end right from the query stage to the delivery stage. A sales person spends nearly 70% of his time performing sales support activities (pre – order and post – order) rather than focusing on the actual sales.